Vintage Selection, on display in Fortezza da Basso the iconic garments of Pennyblack revisited by students
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Seven young international designers reinterpret the outerwear that have made the history of the brand

Vintage Selection, on display in Fortezza da Basso the iconic garments of Pennyblack revisited by students

From 28 to 30 June, in occasion of the Vintage Selection exhibition, Fortezza Da Basso hosts the garments resulting from the project in collaboration between Accademia Italiana and Pennyblack.


Pennyblack’s iconic garments revisited by Accademia Italiana students: from 28 to 30 June in occasion of Vintage Selection and Pitti Filati, Fortezza da Basso hosts Vintage Reloaded, a creative exhibition with the outfits created by young designers from outerwear made available by the fashion brand founded in 1978, part of Max Mara Fashion Group. The exhibition will be visible to all visitors of the event, after which the items will be kept by Accademia Italiana in one of its Florentine campuses.


Among the seven international students of the Master in Fashion Design and Management who took part in the educational project, coordinated by professor Rodolfo Bargelli, there is also a winner: Ambré Congre, 23 years old from the North East of France, captured the intergenerational spirit of Pennyblack, recounting the mother-daughter relationship in the reinterpretation of a vintage raincoat, inspired by the fantasy of a motorhome trip together in the UK. As a prize the girl had the opportunity to spend a day at the company during the preparation of the new collection at Pennyblack headquarter in Reggio Emilia.


First step of the projects was a visit to the historical archive of Max Mara Fashion Group, which houses items that have made the history of the brand, but also collectibles of some of the most famous fashion houses, such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, great value outfits donated or purchased at auction over the years. To guide the students in the temple of fashion, where the group’s creatives take inspiration, Laura Lusuardi, undisputed fashion personality, for 50 years in Max Mara Fashion Group, which has seen the birth of the most iconic garments.


At the end of the visit to the historical archive, some vintage items including parkas, jackets, raincoats, duvets and double-breasted jackets, were assigned to the students. The distinctive elements, such as British influence, sailor or colonial inspiration, have been revisited in upcycling projects, in a match with the outdoor, urban or even oriental style. To lead the creative choices the ethics of the reuse of materials, respecting the environment, but also the philosophy of the brand.


"We strongly believe in this operation: on the one hand an iconic brand and on the other a young generation of designers who sees in new practices, such as upcycling, a noble form of design", declared Alessandro Colombo, General Director of AD Education for Italy.