• Two projects
  • Two projects

Photo-stories from the Rome school

Two projects

Two projects. Two stories. Two comunities. Selected photos from our photography students at the Rome school.


Valeria Castellano

“Il faro” is a non-profit organization in Rome with a view for supporting young people coming from all over the world and to integrate them into the workplace by giving them a “skill”. The centre is characterized by its multicultural nature that promotes equality and integration in the society. The Photography student wanted to describe the activities of this community by supporting them with a photo-reportage. “The aim of my project is to document the work of the young people operating in the association. It is important for me to show that in a city like Rome, a melting pot since ancient times, there is a reality that cares about young people from disadvantaged situations giving them an opportunity to rebirth as people and workers”. (Valeria Castellano) The photographic project was on display during the end of year events organized by the association.

Carlotta Arioni

Beyond every stereotype, the surfer is not the typical athlete; he is a profound and complex man who finds his primal essence in a relationship with the waves and the sea. Our photography student, Carlotta Arioni, inspired by Richard Avedon’s portraits, immortalized some surfers of different ages on the Roman beaches, united only by the passion for the surfboard. Portraits against blurred backgrounds characterize the photos, creating an intense reportage that captures the feeling through the faces and expressions.