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Two university theses in support of the disabled.

Design serves the handicapped

Ideas and solutions for disabled adults facing domestic problems and a new concept of a children’s park with disabled children in mind.

Preparing these two theses are the Bulgarian student Ina Serafinova and the Sicilian Arianna Percipalle. Both are graduating students in the Interior and Product design program at the Accademia Italiana Rome who have presented their tutor, Cristian Ludovici, with surprising thesis work, both pointing towards the idea of support for the less fortunate. For Ina Serafinova, cleaning up the kitchen after lunch is no longer a problem for someone who has only one limb. To assist the disabled she has designed a little mat, equipped with brushes and other accessories in silicone that make it easier to wash dishes with only one hand. The studies done by Arianna Percipalle are also noteworthy. After having examined various children’s parks in a number of European cities she realized that the park equipment did not allow for use by disabled children. Her thesis contemplates the design of park equipment that allows ir to be used by the handicapped. While her design approach is directed at children it is also useful for adults, in particular for the elderly. In addition to breaking down architectural barriers (and design) barriers her creations also improve the relationship between disabled children and those without disabilities.