Temporary window display

Temporary window display

As long as the grass lasts, passers-by will be curious.  This very original window display, that is drawing attention to Lungarno alle Grazie 22, the Photography School of the Accademia Italiana, was installed by a group of students from the school under the supervision of the Windows Display course professor, Oliviero Draghi. 


This creative display, is rather enigmatic, a deliberate result according to the intentions of those who created it.  It concerns a series of numbers: 2, 14, 366, that deciphered, indicates the duration of the window display.  “2” stands for ‘two weeks’ (given that the grass lasts!), “4” the number of students involved in the display: Lynn Habib, Iren Kara Dzhova, Paola Carresi and Raffaella Guerrini.  These numbers were created using blocks of earth on which grass was grown.   

“The intent - explained the professor - was to create something that had a strong visual impact, therefore we thought of twigs for the base and branches from the top, and in the middle the grass numbers. A series of numbers, deliberately mysterious, a sort of enigma”.