"Jackson" style for a young designer
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Gaia, 23 years old: fresh graduate of the Accademia Italiana, already designing for "Les Copains"

"Jackson" style for a young designer

Twenty-three years old and a mini-collection already in Florence's trendy "Luisa Via Roma" boutique where the rich, international fashion conscious public comes to shop.


Against the tide of young graduates parked on the side-lines waiting to find a productive life, Gaia Russo has not yet completed her 3-year international bachelor's degree at the Accademia Italiana, the Florentine fashion school founded by its current president, Vincenzo Giubba, that she is already showing and selling her designs at "Luisa". She is also on the threshold of signing a contract to design her own line of up-scale prêt a porter.

"I can hardly believe it myself!" explains Gaia, "I've always been designing, a little bit of everything, but especially clothes, from the time I was in nursery school. I have done some modeling, as well. I enjoy creating and I think its stupid to be unwilling to change. I changed my mind, and I've been very lucky."

(interview in "La Repubblica" 9/07/2009)