Jimi Roos

The journey

Jimi Roos
Jimi Roos

The journey

An experimental approach that combines Italian know-how with Swedish humor and unique techniques of sewing and knits.

Side by side with the Florentine artisans, a passion in his DNA for embroidery, solid foundations acquired in the halls of the Accademia Italiana. This is the recipe for success used by Jimi Roos, young Swedish designer who has become famous for having experimented and subverted the classical tailoring techniques to create a totally unique style.

Jimi, can you tell us about the phases of your career?

“First of all, I would say that having attended an international school like Accademia Italiana, that gave me the opportunity for exchange with other students together with the strong design foundations has a lot of merit. Cultural encounters are very educational”.

And after finishing school? 

“I had five years of experience in the laboratories of Florentine artisans, working with wool, and there I understood that I really liked embroidery”.

Where did you begin production?

“In a small garage, I created t-shirts that caught the public’s attention. Today I produce 10,000 pieces a year with a team of six assistants”.

Your business has grown beyond the national borders... 

“Yes, we’re present in 22 countries with 100 shops, in Italy we’re in Milan (10 Corso Como), but we’re also in London, New York, Paris... Orders are also coming in from Asia, particularly Korea and Japan. Each collection contains a series of unusual characters inspired by your travels all over the world, including regular stops in New York and Tokyo”.

Do you enjoy your work?

“Yes, and that’s the way it should be”. (Lof)

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