The world of lingerie fashion never stands still

We met Nika Sobolevskaia

The world of lingerie fashion never stands still

Along with fresh tendencies and new collections young and bright designers appear in that field. We met Nika Sobolevskaia at the International Fair Mare di Moda in Cannes in 2010. In that year Nika became a finalist of the fashion contest of the young designers The Link. In May of this year (2012) Nika successfully graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion design from Accademia Italiana in Florence.


Her graduation collection took the name The Hidden Soul of North. From sharp frosts and glacial icebergs to soft snow forms and glimmer of light snow... Who better than a Russian designer can tell Italians about the North?

The particular feature of the collection was the idea of transformation. The closed up dress at the beginning in few steps reveals lingerie: "When my collection walked out on the catwalk in its original closed up form there was silence in the auditorium. The most nervous moment was the waiting of the reaction of the audience when the dresses were transformed. As a result the reaction of the audience exceeded all my expectations, because the collection was accompanied with a storm of applause. This moment was, of course, the most outstanding of all 3 years of studying," - Nika recollects.

* This article was published on December 3, 2012, by the russian magazin "Lingerie" (