Talents 2019 Fashion show

Special guest Martina Stella

Talents 2019 Fashion show

In the closet of a young man one might find silicone garments in pastel colors, wool jackets with raw edges and celluloid space suits. More so than in the past the graduating students of the Accademia Italiana Arte Moda e Design enjoy playing with men’s fashion, upsetting the rules but respecting the proportions. Menswear will, in fact, open the 2019 fashion show directed by Mira Kim.

Nearly 250 garments will be shown, this year the theme was free. Faithful to absolute colors, black and white, the future designers bet on colors, printed or sprayed according to the graffiti technique. The fabrics are the true protagonists of the fashion show, whether noble fibers such as cotton, silk or linen or packing
materials such as bubble wrap. And silicone, to cover the jerseys, even those worn under a tuxedo. Women’s fashion has also been redesigned under the sign of color, according to tastes, some even leaning towards circus style, in contrast with the “courtly love” that cannot be without lace succumbs to the seduction of jute, that make up big romantic skirts, totally feminine. And then, timeless, the androgynous woman, because the 1970’s, the days of Biba and Carnaby street, must always be honored. Street style abounds in many outfits, sometimes surprising results of recycled garments, such as those proposed by a student who has constructed a different mise sewing together old shirts.