School and university: new international agreements for courses in Design, Fashion and Photography.  Accademia Italiana and Nott
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Accademia Italiana and Nottingham Trent University set to commence collaboration

New international agreements.

Accademia Italiana and Nottingham Trent University are pleased to announce their decision to collaborate on Undergraduate courses from the next academic year.


This important announcement follows a number of months of negotiation, and the preparatory work for the new plans will be concluded with the visit of a panel of academics and other staff from the University in late June, finalising details for all arrangements for the year ahead.

Accademia Italiana has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the academic world of the creative arts for three decades, and has been awarding UK degree parchments for nearly a decade in recognition of the quality of their work. Nottingham Trent is a University with considerable strength in the same subject areas, gathered over more than one hundred years. It is also a University characterised by partnerships of this positive sort that extend right ‘round the World, with more than 6,000 students studying in their home countries for awards of the University. Nottingham Trent University looks forward to adding a new and valued partner to the fold, together with many more students, now set to join that global community of creative scholars.

The relationship is set to allow for the validation of the existing and highly popular Accademia Italiana courses in Photography and New Media, Fashion Design, Interior and Product Design, Graphic Design and Jewellery Design. Students taking these courses under such arrangements would, in the future, look forward to receiving Bachelor of Arts degrees from Nottingham Trent, following the completion of their studies. Existing courses continue to be taught locally in Florence, Rome and Bangkok, with the expert assistance of visiting senior academics from NTU.

It's the hope of both institutions that, as time goes on, further courses may be collaborated on in such a way, and that the community of scholars spending time at both partners grows, together with valuable new research outputs.

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