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A School that aims towards ethical design and looks ahead at new horizons.

1984-2014 The Accademia Italiana celebrates thirty years

In the thirty years of living in close contact with the students and the professors of the Accademia Italiana, the part that has made me most enthusiastic is to see the multiplication of ideas and projects, the growth and enlargement of these projects as well as the perception of new horizons, that all come together in a type of ‘friendly laboratory' where human contact is important and where one may grow and develop and everyone works together.

The Accademia Italiana has always been one big family.
Celebrating thirty years of activity really means to celebrate thirty years of friendship and of passion for beauty, always stimulated by a great curiosity for something new, something different, for adventure and experimentation, for research that unites creativity with technology.
This year the School is involved in many different projects that have in common, a sensibility towards "ethics", where design, art and photography have taken as their modus operandi, a less egocentric and selfish approach that places in top priority the needs of others, that encompasses in the true creative spirit a great desire to participate as members of one great global ‘human' project.
In this framework, the various departments are working on their individual projects, ranging from ecological design to ethical fashion.
I would like that this thirtieth year be also a year in which relationships are strengthened with all those who have followed and supported us in our growth. I would like to say to all: your warmth and friendship are indispensable for us to exist, as is your courage that is indispensable for our growth.

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