Scenari d’innovazione 2016 Contest

special mention for two students in the design course

Scenari d’innovazione 2016

On Thursday, April 28, at the Lorenese Theater in the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, during the International Artisan Exhibition, the awards ceremony for the 12th edition of the Artex contest for innovative design a special mention was awarded to Anna Guaglione and Andrea Frongia for their project MARINAIO, a peppermill set made in Tuscan marble and created for CHIARUGI 1952.

Foreseeing and interpreting the changes in lifestyle, understanding new living habits, new production processes, technologies and materials in a creative way for artistic artisan craftsmanship, uniting design and digital production to the traditional artisan workshop. This is the challenge of the innovative scene contest that examined projects coming from 35 schools and universities participating to which the industries involved in the initiative presented their own design philosophy, specific briefs to be developed as products or collections. Anna Guaglione and Andrea Frongia, students in the Design course at the Florence headquarters of the Accademia Italiana arte moda design, coordinated by Prof. Gaetano Martella, followed the directions of the commission, uniting the tradition of an historic name in Florentine artisan craftsmanship, CHIARUGI1952, to a material typical of the Tuscan territory, marble, giving rise to MARINAIO, a peppermill set that gained inspiration from the Tower of Pisa and will soon enter officially into production in the industry becoming an emblem of the union between the past and future of creativity.