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Three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design

Accademia Italiana offers a three-year Bachelor's Degree course in Fashion Design, dedicated to a discipline in which the school has over thirty years' experience. Fundamental for the future fashion designer are the evolution of the creative abilities to enable the expression of a personal style as well as technical knowledge including that which relates to the ever greater possibilities offered by the latest computer software.

The program offered by Accademia Italiana includes both aspects and the student, while developing his own personal style, acquires that knowledge which is indispensable for the undertaking of this exciting profession. The Accademia is undoubtedly an educational leader in the sector, with thousands of graduates who now have prominent roles in the international fashion world.

Students will learn to develop fashion collections, from the initial sketches to the creation of their designs. During the course of study great attention is paid not only to the artistic and creative aspects of design, but also to the technical, with continuous reviews of students work throughout the design process.



Course objectives

  • Trends analysis
  • Analysis of the market and of the client
  • Analysis of different types of research for designing clothing
  • Graphic and visual communication of the collection’s theme
  • Knowledge of materials and their use within the collection
  • Technical design and knowledge of the garment
  • Illustration and the ability to communicate a look
  • Coordination and identity of the collection
  • Photography of the collection’s garments
  • Pattern-making
  • Knowledge and application of hand-sewn details and finishings
  • Creation of prototypes
  • Exploration of the complexities of structured tailoring
  • Creation of garments in their final materials
  • Creation of designs for the final event (fashion show, performance, exhibition, etc.)


Admission Requirements





International Students (Extra-EU citizens)

  • Enrollment fee: 2.000 Euro
  • Tuition and fees: 8.900 Euro

International Students (EU citizens)

  • Enrollment fee: 1.500 Euro
  • Tuition and fees: 7.800 Euro

Partial scholarships and promotions may be available. Contact our Admission Office for more details.
Non-refundable Admission exam fee for Bachelor's degrees: € 150.
Yearly regional tax (DSU) for students enrolled in a state-accredited Bachelor's degree: € 140.
Payment plans in installments available upon request (extra charge applies).


Educational path


First Year

  • Contemporary Art History I
  • Project Design Methodology 
  • Textile Technology
  • Computer Graphics
  • Pattern Making
  • Fashion Design I
  • Iconography and Anatomy Drawing 
  • Silk-Screen Printing
  • Law, Legislations and Economics of Show Business
  • Elements of Information Technology

Second Year

  • Contemporary Art History II
  • History of Fashion
  • Fashion Design II
  • Latest Trends in Visual Arts
  • Photography  
  • Photography Layout and visualisation techniques
  • Costume Design
  • English as a foreign language
  • Elective subject


Third Year

  • Theory and Method of Mass Media
  • Fashion Design 3
  • Accessories Design
  • Cultural Marketing
  • Textile Design
  • Fashion Setting
  • Fashion Publishing
  • Elective subject
  • Extra activities: traineeships, workshops, events and competitions
  • Final project (thesis)

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