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Renaissance and Modern, from Luca Signorelli to Andy Warhol.

Exhibition: Florence - New York

Dedicated to courses of art and design, exhibition: Florence - New York: Renaissance and Modern, from Luca Signorelli to Andy Warhol. September 30 - December 10.

The Gallery proposed works done over a vast range of time presenting painting from the 15th to the 20th centuries done by more than 50 Italian and foreign artists. The common thread was the desire of these artists to oppose the styles and content up until that time adopted to create new forms and languages. The Renaissance was the first great moment of breaking with and going beyond the traditional laws and rules, an era was closing and soon humanity would see the birth of a new world. Here the exhibition begins with Luca Signorelli and his school with "The Virgin, Christ Child and Saint" (1505-1507). It continues with other paintings arriving at the Risorgimento with Giovanni Fattori and his "Military and horses at camp" (late 19th century). Later we pass on to Giacomo Balla and the Divisionism, then on to Futurism, again with Balla, Soffici, Depero and arriving finally to Carlo Carrà and the extreme synthesis of the futuristic experience and paradigmatic example of the poetry of Antigrazioso ("The Clown: futuristic actress of 1915"). Twentieth century Italian advances with Sironi, De Chirico, Morandi. Thus we have arrived after the war with the testimony of the highest level of Lucio Fontana ("Spatial Concept" done in 1962 and "Spatial Concept - the Little Theater" done in 1965/66), of Emilio Vedova, of Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani, Novelli, Afro, Reggiani, Crippa, all great masters of the 20th century. For sculpture only one work, but an important one: "The scream" by Marino Marini 1962. Also the 20th century of the foreign artists does not delude seeing as the names present include Andy Warhol (Dollar Sign), Paul Klee, Max Ernst, Basquiat (Anatomy II done in 1982), Keith Haring and Robert Rauschemberg. The students had thus the opportunity to encounter directly the works of the great masters of the 20th century that they have learned to know and appreciate during their course of contemporary art, accompanied by their instructor.