Interdisciplinary activities between the Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Photography programs
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between the Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Photography programs

Interdisciplinary activities

Heading towards the close of the academic semester, the Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Photography departments of the Accademia Italiana propose an itinerary where culture weaves itself with the production of luxury goods.

This is another opportunity offered to the students for their cultural development in various sectors, that although apparently distant from each other, are linked together in our global contemporary vision.

Of the visits proposed as integral activities that compliment the didactical programs there is a visit to the recently opened Gucci museum in Palazzo della Mercanzia in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The museum illustrates 90 years of the Florentine fashion house from bags, suitcases, travel trunks, accessories and clothing that are collocated in the high luxury brand market. Continuing to speak of luxury a unique occasion has been the visit to Villa la Tana, a Medici villa and headquarters of 'Simone Cosac Profumi' that follows traditional Medieval alchemy. A tribute to the style and the tradition proposed today. For the Graphic Design students is proposed the usual visit to the Pietro Parigi museum situated in Santa Croce, a point of reference for xylographic art, an excellent occasion for those interested in studying and research. Another interesting activity has involved the Photography students who visited the exhibition 'Decline (and Declination) of Democracy' that focus on the Western World with works of art, photography and multimedia installations by various artists (Florence, Piazza Strozzi). Looking at the future, and leaving the Tuscan countryside, of the many activities foreseen for the next semester the School confirms its participation at the Milan Furniture Show (April 2012) that will involve the Interior & Product Design students, also in the same month of April there will be the annual Accademia Italiana Fashion Show and Design Exhibition.