Ever-mending: a workshop to make vintage garments eternal
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Mending for Good protagonist of a three-day workshop

Ever-mending: a workshop to make vintage garments eternal

In occasion of Pitti Uomo 104, Accademia Italiana and Mending for Good partner in a workshop on the circularity of fashion items. Students, through different types of interventions, will realize unique and timeless garments through the up-cycling technique.


The Florentine Fashion Week will feature students engaged in a three-day workshop "Ever-mending - Stories of clothes and creative transformation", realized by Mending for Good, an agency specialized in circular and ethical design solutions.


Starting from the consideration that vintage clothes, especially those that belonged to our loved ones, tell stories and traditions of a past era and represent a valuable cultural heritage, it will be required to the young designers to rethink some garments to which they attribute an emotional value, to make them "eternal" through different types of intervention, from those with needle and thread to the most original and innovative techniques explained and taught by experienced craftsmen of the selected network of Mending for Good.


At the end of the project, Thursday, June 15 at 16.30 will be held a talk on the theme of heritage & sustainability, in the presence of Alessandra Favalli, founder and co-owner of Mending for Good, Diane Becker, spokesperson of Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale, Debora Florio of Remake, a global defense organization that leads a collective action to overturn the clothing industry, Alessandro Colombo, Managing Director of the BAD Education Group. Following a presentation of the final works of the students and a cocktail in the panoramic Loggia of the Accademia Italiana headquarters in Piazza Pitti.