Elio Fiorucci

Elio Fiorucci

Forty years of art, design, fashion, beauty and showbusiness

An electrifying encounter for the students of the Accademia Italiana Rome, on February 7, when they met with the fashion designer Elio Fiorucci during the inauguration of the Rome stop of his biographic exhibition.


After a successful run at the Triennale in Milan Fiorucci will be showing his fashion story at the Gardenia shop in Via Nazionale until March 8, a series of photographs that relate his career as a designer and entrepreneur.

A story that began in the ‘70's and that in just a few years was making news from King's Road in London to 59th street in New York where his store was designed by a young Ettore Sottsass.

The exhibition underlines other important moments, such as the encounter with Andy Warhol, the opening of Studio 54 where years later he celebrated 15 years of success in the fashion industry and the success of the store in Galleria Passerella in the 1980's. In 2003 begins the era of "Love Therapy", the two gnomes, today symbols of the fashion and beauty creations signed Fiorucci.

An evergreen icon in the Italian fashion scene, a charismatic figure still today for the students who hope to become design professionals in the fashion industry, like those of the Accademia Italiana, often involved in glamour events. Last evening, during the inauguration of the exhibition, the spotlight was on the collection "Beauty love therapy", created in partnership with Gardenia: from fashion accessories such as tweezers and beauty bags to hair clips.

Fiorucci, during the opening speech, directed a message to the students with words of encouragement and optimism, exhorting them to look towards the future with faith and positivity.