Digital conference December 15 at 6 pm

Fashion from the Future

Third and final appointment for the series #AiDigitalConferences. This one will address fashion with an eye towards the future. Speakers will include Cecilia Rinaldi, graduate of the Accademia Italiana and currently instructor in the Fashion Design department who will discuss eco-sustainability, and her work with her own eco-friendly fashion brand.

Working with Cecilia are a team of new graduates of the fashion design program who will soon be launching a capsule collection created in “smart-working”. Among the other guests presenting to the public in streaming will be Amelia Bassini of Genuine Way, the blockchain software platform dedicated to small and medium industries. Her job will be to explain the requirements of an excellence and how the added valued of good practice in sustainability is certified.
The speakers will be joined by Giulia Fucile and Laura Pellegrino, founders of OB FASHION, the digital platform dedicated to promoting emerging designer brands. They will illustrate the ways to communicate modern artisan excellence, ever more a mixture of the contemporary artisan know-how. The conference will be held in live streaming direct from the social media accounts of the Accademia Italiana (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube). Lof