The 1st fall conference on-line

Lighting design a word from the experts

The usual Accademia Italiana fall conference series will be held in digital format this year because of the on-going pandemic.
The new format will guarantee the usual opportunity for students to meet with experts in the various design fields, involving important industries and professionals in these events.


The first appointment, in live streaming on the official social account of the Accademia Italiana is scheduled for November 24 at 6 pm and will focus on Lighting Design or “Designing spaces with Light”.


Speakers will include Federico Ognibene, who teaches this subject at the Accademia Italiana, Rome, and is also head of product development for ILM Illumination Systems, Luca Bettini, founder of Tornabuoni Lighting; Ilenia Piemonte, recent graduate of Accademia Italiana, Florence and now lighting designer at Tornabuoi Lighting, Christian Ludovici, professor of product design at the Accademia Italiana, Rome as well as Ceo of Cassiopea Roma. This company, together with Banci Illuminazione, will relate their experiences during the project with the students of Product Design Course.


Each conference will focus on the experience of Accademia Italiana graduates who are now working in the industry. Hearing about the professional journey of recent graduates offers an interesting view for the students still in the classroom, as well as for potential students.
The other two digital appointments are scheduled for December 4 and 5, the first dedicated to Photography and the second to Fashion Design. Lof