Vivienne Westwood "Oscar" from the Accademia Italiana Fashion Show in London

Fashion Show in London

Vivienne Westwood "Oscar" from the Accademia Italiana

Always on the crest of the wave the British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, recipient in 2008 of the Accademia Italiana "Pyramid of Excellence" award.


During this season's London Fashion Week she has proposed her Fall/Winter 2015 collection inspired by the past.

Silk shirts that peek out of large overcoats, velvet skirts and tartan pants that punt towards red. As always provocative, with her tailleur coupled with shorts, mini-coquette between leather and tulle, black velvet knickers and metallic skirt that puffs down to a wasp waits in Marilyn style.

Ms. Westwood is very close to Red label, the company for whom she created her fashion collection, because she says that she identifies it so closely with herself. With the Gold Label one experiments, one tries things. This collection – that is as usual presented "at home" in the London Fashion Week, redefines and refines the unmistakeable print of the British designer, particularly loved by youth.

It wasn't by chance that she was chosen by the most important Florentine Fashion School six years ago, that also this year in occasion of the end of academic year events to be held on 17th April, will award the “Golden Pyramids” designed by Gianni Quaranta to distinguished personalities in the field of fashion, design and photography.