School, industry: another occasion for the fashion university

Another occasion for the fashion university

School, industry

The economic weekly magazine "Il Mondo" No.15, 19th April 2013 has dedicated an article on the activities and projects of the Accademia Italiana and in particular, on its collaboration with the Group Central Retail Corp/La Rinascente. Highlights of the article:


Luxury 2 Agreement between Chirathivat (CRC) and the fashion university
Mr. Rinascente goes to the Accademia Italiana

(by Ettore Tamos)

The agreement will be revealed on Saturday 20th April when Sudhitham Chirathivat, President of La Rinascente and Executive Chairman of the head company, the Thai Central Retails Corporation (Crc) will announce on occasion of the Pyramid Award that will be given to him by the students of the Accademia Italiana during the fashion show at the Obihall Theater in Florence.
The intention of Chirathivat (in the photo on the left) and of the colossal distribution chain in Thailand, China and Europe, where he has just taken over through La Rinascente, the Illum chain store in Copenhagen (6,5 million visitors) is to also invest in Italy and in the Old Continent and to characterise them with a strong fashion component.
This is the first step: a collaboration agreement with one of the Italian fashion universities, the Accademia Italiana to be precise, founded by Vincenzo Giubba (in the photo on the right) in Florence and accredited by Miur, where the fashion and design companies look for new talents.
The other award winners will be Brunello Cuccinelli, Claudio Luti (Kartell) Giullermo Mariotto (designer for Gattinoni), Michel Adam (owner of Fashion TV) and Franca Sozzani (Fashion for Devlopment).