The live! Student collections at Obihall theater

The live! Student collections at Obihall theater

An audience of 2,000 applauded the collections of the recent graduates on the runway of the Obihall theater.

Clothing of cotton and linen painted to a crisp finish, fabrics covered with three-dimensional materials, neoprene, damask and brocade that evoke tapestry, opalescent silicone, raw canvas and heavy double wool were some of the materials on display. Shades of black and white prevailed but with flashes of ivory and nuances of bright colors. There were shapes reminiscent of nuts, eggs, trapezoids and squares - sculptural fabrics, in other words. An event whose sophistication was borne of research and attention to detail, this year's fashion show brought the catwalk to life with its hymn to beauty (Live!), the results of the students' exploration of the theme that involved music as well as other arts.
During the evening the Pyramid of Excellence was awarded

to Jamal Taslaq for fashion

Of Palestinian origins but trained as a designer in the halls of the Accademia Italiana Florence, Jamal Taslaq scored his first successes in AltaRoma 2000.
This designer unites the colors of the Mediterranean with the classic "Made in Italy" to create a style that is unique for his way of dressing not only the body, but also the soul of a woman.
His creations have been shown throughout the world, in Jordan, Dubai, California, Marocco, Romania, Palestina, Azerbaijan and all of Italy, from Milan to Sicily. He participated in and received recognition from: Fashion for Peace, Moda nel Mediterraneo, Fund raising for the needy, UNICEF fashion show for children. Last November, with a background of tension in Gaza and new incidents of violence in Jerusalem, he took his creations to the United Nations in New York, giving voice to the story of a people trying to become a country. Jamal Taslaq was the first to bring fashion to the halls of the UN.

to Giampaolo Camporese (head designer for Menswear at Guess Europe) for fashion,

Guess is an American brand, specialized in the production of clothing and fashion accessories. The company was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers in California, today the Guess brand is particularly appreciated by the female public for the production of women's wear and shoes, for the glamorous and sensual lines. The Guess brand also produces eye glasses, watches, underwear, beachwear, and accessories. Well known also for their sensual advertising campaigns that often include famous actresses or top models of the caliber of Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore, Anna Nicole Smith, Adriana Lima, Edílson Nascimento and Paris Hilton. For the European market a part of the production is done in Crevalcore (Bologna) by the company Focus Europe.

to Mustafa Sabbagh for photography,

Born in Amman, Jordan, to an Italo-Palestinian family, he earned a degree in architecture from the IUAV university in Venice and then moved to London where he worked as assistant to Richard Avedon and collaborated with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Upon returning to Italy he chose Ferrara as his base, while often involved in various parts of the world both teaching photography workshops and for professional photo shootings published in various magazines, including The Face, Vogue, Sport & Street. Since 2005 he has concentrated on figurative art and his works are centered on the skin as "diary of the uniqueness of the individual" that is often painted black as a social criticism and technical challenge, and mises en scène that contextualizes in a contemporary key the allegories of art history (in particular Flemish and Baroque). In 2013 in the Sky Art HD television series "Photographers" he was defined as "one of the eight most significant artists in the contemporary national panorama". According to the curator and art historian, Peter Weiermair, Sabbagh is "one of the one hundred most influential photographers in the world", and the only Italian among the forty most important nude portrait artists on an international scale. His works have been shown in galleries and museums in Italy and abroad. In December 2014 one of his diptychs was acquired for the Farnesina Collection.

to Consorzio Promo Vetro Murano for interior design

The Promovetro Consortium of Murano was founded in 1985, sponsored by the Venetian Confederation of Artisans, upon the initiative of a group of artisan companies producing the artistic Murano glass. Over the years this has become an important reality that today includes the most important associations in the sector, Confartigianato and Confindustria. Currently the Consortium represents more than fifty glass industries and workshops in Murano and Venice.
Since its founding, Promovetro has been involved in upholding and improving the image of the Murano artistic glass with the intention of conserving, defending, and protecting the thousand-year-old art of Murano glass making while promoting a correct commercialization world-wide of this important cultural patrimony.

to Silvano Campeggi for graphic design.

Florentine, famous mainly for his activity in creating posters for Hollywood films during the golden years of Hollywood (1945/1970). In the United States he is considered among the most important Graphic Artists in American film history. Son of a printer, young Silvano was introduced to graphics and design by his father. He attended the Art Institute of Porta Romana, in Florence, and studied with Ottone Rosai and Ardengo Soffici. At the end of the second world war he was engaged by the American Red Cross to paint portraits of soldiers about to be discharged and through this entered into contact with the culture, the music and the films of the USA. After the war he moved to Rome where he met the painter Orfeo Tamburi and the poster artist Luigi Martinati, and defined his interest for film posters. His first poster, in 1946, was for the Riccardo Freda film "Black Eagle". Soon afterwards he was contacted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to do the poster for the film Gone With the Wind, which was followed by more than 3,000 works, for MGM, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, Columbia Pictures, United Artists, RKO, and 20th Century Fox. Among his most famous posters: Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, An American in Paris, West Side Story, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Judgement at Nurenburg, Exodus, and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Plaques of recognition were awarded to Tony Scervino and to Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi.

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