2011 Fashion and Design showcase: images and comments
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Elio Fiorucci, Evelyn Haim Swarovski, Maurizio Millenotti, Cristina Cattaneo - momodesign

2011 Fashion and Design showcase: images and comments

During the gala of April 16th in Florence, the Pyramids of Excellence were awarded to some of Accademia Italiana special guests.


ELIO FIORUCCI: "The Accademia Italiana is an excellent school because it gives great attention both to creativity and to technical realization, reaching wonderful results. It is exactly what the industry needs. I have known the Accademia for many years and have been able to appreciate its achievements. I consider myself a friend of the Accademia Italiana."

EVELYN HAIM SWAROVSKI: "I have great admiration for the work done by the Accademia Italiana. Its academic programs has given the opportunity to many great designers to emerge. It is an institute with talented and creative students and professors. I was very happy to see Swarovski crystals used in the students' projects. I wish you all continued success in the future."

MAURIZIO MILLENOTTI: "The training given by the Accademia Italiana is excellent. I can confirm this for my field, Costume Design, since I have already begun a valid collaboration with students who come from the Costume Design Department of the Accademia Italiana in Rome."

CRISTINA CATTANEO - MOMODESIGN: "The design work that I have seen tonight is very high level. I would like to congratulate both the students and their professors."