A few testimonies

The fashion and design school recognizes great names in design

A few testimonies

The fashion and design school recognizes great names in design

Furniture and product design, fashion design, graphic design, photography and video: the university connects to the real world.

The school presented its students' works in a multi-media event attended by over 2,000 guests, including numerous representatives from the media and design industries. Several VIP guests also attended, some of whom received the "Pyramid of Excellence" 2013 award, a recognition that the Accademia's students present to the masters of fashion and design, professionals who have gained distinction for innovation and research and who have contributed in various ways to projects supporting young talent in the fields of fashion design, product design, graphic and interior design, jewelry design, photography and new media.

The 2013 event was opened by the the Accademia Italiana's president, Vincenzo Giubba, who introduced the inspirational theme of the evening. "This year's theme is the Journey, interpreted not only as a physical journey but also as a journey into fantasy, a fantasy that can become reality. It also represents the journey made by our students from the beginning of their training to the arrival at their final projects and to the launch of their professional careers. The theme is about the journey of life, in which we must seize all opportunities to grow."
Mr Giubba then welcomed the guests, many of whom were from the academic world, including Arcadia University, LaSalle University, Drexel University, Iowa State University, Oklahoma State University and Sweden's International Business School. A special welcome was extended to the representatives of the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR).
Soon after the opening remarks, Mr Giubba introduced the Councillor for Culture of the Tuscany region, Cristina Scaletti, who expressed greetings and best wishes from the region and its President, congratulating both the school and the students for their achievements and for the diligence and passion that distinguishes the institute.
The key moment, soon after the graduating students' fashion show, was the awarding of the Pyramid of Excellence 2013 to selected VIP guests. Here are their comments:

Franca Sozzani, Director of Vogue Italia and Goodwill Ambassador of Fashion 4 Development:
"Young people should be supported by those who have experience, and that is why I'm here this evening. The press and the media can help in their growth, and for this reason we have created a site with a channel dedicated to young people."

Sudhitham Chirathivat, CEO of Central Retail Corporation, La Rinascente
"The level of elegance and creativity is much higher than what I expected. The talent that I've seen tonight is a talent full of energy. I wish for great careers for all of the graduates."

Michel Adam, Founder and President of Fashion TV
"We liked the show very much and for this reason Fashion TV would like to recognize the creativity of the Accademia Italiana's students by awarding them Fashion TV's "Diamond of Excellence."

Brunello Cucinelli, Entrepreneur and Designer
"You are excellent, neve lose faith in yourselves and continue to follow your dreams so that one day they will become reality."

Guillermo Mariotto, Fashion Designer, Maison Gattinoni
"The fashion show I saw tonight was wonderful. I liked some of the outfits so much that I'd like to have them for myself."

Gilberto Negrini, Commercial Director of Kartell
"I saw some very interesting students' works, full of creative spirit. This is certainly the right departure point to enter into the world of design. On behalf of Kartell, whom I represent, my wish for the students is that the products they design will be found in every home."

Giulia Pirovano, Director of the National Chamber of Fashion
"This evening we saw a lot of creativity and a lot of ideas. The students are very lucky to have an opportunity such as this to show their designs to a sophisticated public that includes numerous prestigious guests. This is certainly a great opportunity for the Accademia Italiana's students."

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