Accademia Italiana 2017 fashion show

Rome. "Upside Down"

Accademia Italiana 2017 fashion show

Rome. "Upside Down" is the inspirational theme of the 2017 fashion show, the annual year-end event that will take place as usual as part of the AltaRoma Summer events.


The students of the Rome school conceived of collections that break from tradition, turning around shapes, colors, patterns and materials according to a different vision, sometimes pushing the boundaries. The guiding inspiration is immediately evident in the extravagant creations of the graduating Jewelry Design students whose paper birds, for example, reflect a need for freedom and who make frequent references to the Futurist and Cubist art movements.
The materials used by the Fashion Design students - metal and mirrors, brass and eco-leather, waxed and painted leather thread - define a new "decontstructivism" that uses what remains after the Destruction. The brilliant and clear aspirations of youth contrast with the bitterness of the present in silver, clay, alluminum and varnish; dream becomes reality in alluminum covered with fabric and glass spheres.
The "upside down" of the collections are inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, as in the breaking of gold, the most precious of materials, contrasted with black in screwed up outfits and bustiers in faux leather, for a sensual, certainly transgressive result. At the cry of "You're cracking perfect!" here is the first collection: overturning contemporary social values in which imperfections must be hidden. The themes of the other collections include:
"Art Brut", the name of a "classic" collection with unconventional elements, in which traditional materials are combined with those used for furniture, such as brocade and velvets."Made in Matese" is a "slow luxury" project that escapes from the realities of everyday life dominated by speed, technology and business. In contrast, tradition and craftsmanship, artisinary and local culture are intertwined in the manufacture of wool, typical local projects created by hand on looms and combined with vaporous tulle skirts and roomy palazzo pants in denim.
"Shades" investigates the upheaval of everyday reality in which technology takes over, making us feel connected with the whole world but disconnected from ourselves. Another collection, inspired by the pages of a book called "Momond, the Country that Lost Its Colors", features prints developed and created by hand, mixing different techniques - digital, manual and laser-cut plexiglass - to illustrate the story and its characters. From the concept of "story telling" we pass on to the concept of "story sewing", in which the story can be worn. "Gender bondage" expresses overcoming the limits of gender identity in fashion in the fluidity between feminine and masculine silhouettes, in which the "upside down" concept is interpreted as a reversal and mix-up in the creation of "no-gender" clothing. Soft shapes hide sexual attributes, and unisex "urban street" materials such as eco-leather, poplin, denim and fleece are used. The "Dried Words" collection returns to the origins of the relationship between man and nature, expressed in soft, voluminous shapes created with layers of curled tulle, with clear references to nature in velvet and satin prints in the bright colors of the botanical world and leaf appliques. "Resembling" is a collection that experiments with the juxtaposition of very different materials - metallic yarn, copper-colored eco-leather and soft fabrics. A new concept of textiles is created through the manipulation of these elements, including crocheting the yarn, dying the eco-leather and the blending of these diverse materials to create special textures and new organic forms.
"Jail" is a street collection that speaks of the dreams of the young, who feel imprisoned in their current social and cultural contexts. It presents the possibility of escaping every day life by playing with oversized shapes that allow a freedom of movement in all directions, with prints and colors that represent a person always in movement, a sort of urban superhero wtih the ability to be invisible and, when he wishes, to be the center of attention, while the laser cut motifs represent the avenues of escape. "Metamorphosis" uses precious and ethereal fabrics such as organza and chiffon in python prints with original organic design accents, and tulle, which together with liquid latex give life to evening clothes that are the expression of a body that transforms into a serpent before mutation. "It's Cool To Be Old" is inspired by the eccentricity, beauty and charisma of women over 50, in a collection that stands out for its ability to be worn by women of any age. Elements such as wrinkles, hair and human skin that have been studied under a microscope are brought to life in originally designed prints, which are accented by grand ethnic accessories.




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