Unpublished images and the video of the show

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A fashion show is more than what meets the eye. 

Behind every dress there are creativity, passion commitment of the designer.

Behind every catwalk there are feelings, accuracy and hard work to make perfect every part of the show.


During our Fashion Show “Cromatismi” for Altaroma 2018, coordinated by outstanding chairmanship of Mira Kim, our photography students documented the preparation of the models and fashion stylists.

From the make up to the change of clothes, the pictures catch every feelings and backstage’s excitement completely involving us in the fashion show experience.

Video shoot by Damiano Punzi (Box20 Recording Studio).

Photos by our academic students: Ilario Marcelli, Gabriele Dylan De Simone, Carlotta Arioni (Backstage), Elizabeth Michael Bello (Backstage).

Pictures of the guests and a video from the backstage are included in the gallery.