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2010 April 22 - "Music & Design"

Invitation to the Fashion Show

We invite you to our year-end fashion show and awards ceremony.


This year, music has been the inspirational theme for the graduating classes in Fashion, Interior and Graphic design.
The results of their research will be presented to the public at the Saschall Theatre (Lungarno Aldo Moro, Florence).

Here is the event's time schedule:

17.30 hrs. Design exhibition: "Design & Music"

19.30 hrs. Fashion show presenting the collections of the Bachelor's Degree and Master's courses.

The Costume Design students of the Accademia Italiana, Rome will also present their creations together with the students from affiliated schools in Bangkok and Skopje.

During the evening, the Accademia's Pyramids of Excellence will be awarded and this year's awards will go, among others, to John Richmond, English fashion designer linked to the world of rock music, and to Terry Jones, the legendary director of the British design magazine ID, graphic designer and artistic director of Vogue UK, he has devoted his life to innovation in the field of visual communication.