The school, fashion and design: experiences in Italy and in Europe
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Lorenzo Villoresi, Simone Micheli e Silvio Cocco

The school, fashion and design: experiences in Italy and in Europe

Protagonists from the world of fashion and design share their experiences: each year the Accademia Italiana, the top-rated international school of fashion and design based in Florence, opens towards the outside world and hosts a number of conferences on specific themes relevant to the students attending its courses in Fashion Design, Interior and Product Design, Graphic Design, Photography and New Media.
This Fall's round of conferences will be held in the month of October 2010 and focuses on the professional paths taken in different creative fields by the invited guests. Students will thus be able to compare various creative personalities that, whilst totally diverse, all result in innovative solutions.


Among the guests this year will be Lorenzo Villoresi, master in the creation of perfumes, who began in 1990 with a collection of perfumes developed for Fendi and continued creating for other fashion names. He later went on to open his own business and create products under his own brand. In 2006, Villoresi received the prestigious international Prix Francois Coty award in Paris.

The next lecture will be held by Simone Micheli, architect and designer, whose work spans various fields (interior design, product design, visual design, communication for collective spaces) demonstrating a global vision that unites quality and innovation with substantial international experience. Micheli proposes an unmistakable avant-garde style.

The program of talks will conclude with a lesson by Silvio Cocco, who has already been the School's guest in other occasions, and who will draw the attention of the students on the visual processes linked to product identity, from fashion to design, from publishing to graphic design and advertising.