Materials and technology, a winning couple. Students meet the industry

Materials and technology, a winning couple

Students meet the industry

Direct line between the industries and the course of Technology of Materials taught by Antonella Tundo.


The students in the 3-year bachelor’s course of Design have numerous occasions to meet with representatives of industries in the field where they pick up the secrets and the magic of the production realities. With the beginning of the new academic year the students of the Accademia Italiana have already had the opportunity to meet Marco Mini who presented the products of the brand “invisible”, visited the showroom “Naturae Firenze” and were treated to a lecture by Andrea Chiti who spoke about the Italian company the produces natural resins “Oltremateria”.

In the classroom of the Design course at the Accademia Italiana on October 8 the discussion will center on glass and Plexiglas thanks to the encounter with Filippo Spinelli, representative of “3form” Italy. And the calendar of meetings continues in rapid progression during the autumn months: on October 15 a visit to the showroom “10 ross” in Florence while on October 22 the meeting will be with “Baxter” and on the 29th visits to the showrooms at “Tanini” and “Illum”.

In the month of November the discussions will return to the glass sector with a world leader “Pilkington” and another noble material, porcelain which will be presented on November 19 by Andrea Bellini representing the company “Porcellanosa” Italy.

“It is important to bring together the students and these materials with which they will be working when they design” says the instructor, Antonella Tundo, “we discuss classic materials such as woods, metals, cement, as well as the more contemporary ones, taking into account those innovations proposed recently in the market. In both cases it is important for me that the students really get to know these materials, how to use them, their potential. They need to see them, to touch them, so that for each material they can understand its essence in order to maximize its utility in their design projects.”