An inspirational pathway for those who study Interior and Product Design.

An inspirational pathway for those who study Interior and Product Design.

The Accademia Italiana, hosted the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art OTTO LUOGO DELL'ARTE, situated in Via Maggio, Florence; which belongs to and is directed by Mauro Lovi-Olivia Toscani Rucellai.

Title of the meeting: Daily Art.

The tour started with the presentation of a project by the Gallery and its development to the introduction of the exhibition: Megalopoli and Oh!Nirica.
Students in the Interior & Product Design courses and the Photography courses participated.

Megalopoli by Agneta Holst, is the story of a collection between art and design, was also the name of the famous gallery in Milan in the 1970's which was directed by Olivia's mother, Agneta, where objects and furniture were produced and exhibited for the houses designed or built by artists that became part of the history of art: Michelangelo Pistoletto, Mimmo Paladin, Carla Accardi, Sottsass and Giò Pomodoro, Enrico Castellani, Tarshiot and Shama and many others.
Pistoletto, for example, with his Carrarra marble bench and mirror dialogs with the space.

Olivia has taken in hand the world created by her mother in Milan, opening in Florence a laboratory gallery space, to promote new creative challenges in the design of daily objects, following the example of Megalopoli.

Oh!Nirica, with the sub-title When Dreams encounter Matter, is a project by Mauro Lovi, coordinated by Olivia Toscani Rucellai with Filippo Maria Ricci. It consists of a collection created by 40 artists - Italian and international - displaying their factual or symbolic capacity around the theme of sleeping and dreaming.

As a symbolic object of the exhibition, one could cite the boat bed by Mauro Lovi, inspired by the Phoenician boats and of their nocturnal voyages. At the end of the conference the students were able to visit the Gallery with the directors.

This conference was held at the end of a week dedicated to a series of talks attended by Fashion Design, Interior Design, Photography and Graphic Design students that the School organizes annually. The Accademia Italiana thus becomes a meeting point between young talents and high profile professionals.