Pre-view fashion trends and photography: the Accademia Italiana school presents an interdisciplinary project

The Accademia Italiana school presents an interdisciplinary project

Pre-view fashion trends and photography

Here is a preview of the creations done in the fashion design course that will be presented to the pubic during the special events on April 26 which will include a design and photography exhibition as well as a fashion show.


Here are some of the garments created by the graduating students in the bachelor's degree program of Fashion design presented in photographs taken by fourth semester students in the Photography and New Media bachelor's degree program.

The students of the fashion design program worked under the guidance of professor Marco De Micheli while the photography students were led by professor Paolo Colaiocco.


Click on the thumbnails below, to see the preview.

Fashion designers: Emma Dilaghi, Maria Renata Pietroiusti, Kidsang Pisitchet

Photography: Marianna De Pasquale, Matilde Fineschi, Mariasole Gozzoli, Michele Michelsanti.

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