Ot-las for Accademia Italiana: Laser inspires fashion and design
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Two special projects for Design and Fashion Design departments to discover laser’s versatility

Ot-las for Accademia Italiana: Laser inspires fashion and design

A new partnership, two projects and two departments involved. Master’s Fashion Design and Management and Interior & Product Design students had the opportunity to design a fashion collection and a product prototype taking inspiration from the laser technology.


Accademia Italiana launched a new partnership with Ot-las, a firm that for more than 30 years has been developing machines for laser cutting, marking and decoration.

On December 1st the florentine brand met first year Fashion Design and Management and Interior & Product Design Master’s students, and presented its two special projects.


Laser’s main features are precision and versatility of use on many different materials and sectors of application. Taking account of the properties of this technology and of the “R-R challenge - Waste Reduction, Waste Recovery”, the students committed to the conception and graphic designing of a new product using laser technology and reducing waste thanks to the implementation of recycled materials.

Fashion Design and Management Master’s students worked on the design of a series of outfits employing laser technology on recycled fabrics, whereas the Interior & Product Design class developed products and furnishing elements marked by laser.


Ot-las will select the most innovative and original projects and the winners of the contest will have the opportunity to do an internship in the company and create their own winning product. The selected teams will also be given the occasion to visit the ITMA - Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition in Milan next June.


The collaboration with the florentine company Ot-las is part of a series of partnerships between Accademia Italiana and the companies of the territory creating a fil rouge that aims to reinforce the circular economy, core value of the Institut.