Big names in design share their secrets with the students
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Autumn conference series concludes

Big names in design share their secrets with the students

The annual autumn conference series this year provided the students in the various fields with indepth insights into the real world of the design industry.


The fashion department offered two different occasions of study, one with the FG 1936 industry run by the Caucci family and fosued on research and development in this company that boasts among its strong points an industrial laundry used by many famous brands. The second conference, promoted by the Corean cultural center in Rome and the Hanbok Advancement Center presented the historic “Hanbok” a typical Corean costume. Two Corean designers, Heajin Kwon and Suntae Hwang illustrated the history and the beauty of Corean costume, and the importance of research in the design and the form of the ceremonial garment. 

Fashion was also examined from a Graphic design point of view, with Silvio Cocco, who presented his provocative social theories that have become a series of more than 25 art-graphic books in which amusing theories are narrated in a changing and flexible style.

Michele Borzoni, documentary photographer, presented his craft, in particular his work “Srebreica, a fight for justice” produced in 2007, allowing students to understand the role of the photographer in documenting the reality that surrounds us.

Piero Angelo Orecchioni, architect, designer and artist, co-founder of Studio63-a+d presented his works focusing on Sardinia, the land of his roots, which has provided a font of inspiration for many of his creations that often involve throw-backs to the 1980’s  forgotten materials such as brass. Lof

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