A Tribute to Michelucci
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Fashion, Design and Photography Exhibition

A Tribute to Michelucci

Works of the students from the programs of Fashion design, Interior and Product Design, Graphic Design and Photography will be on display from October 1 to 23.


In the course of Fashion design two garments were designed, liberally inspired by the works of Giovanni Michelucci. These garments have already been presented to an international public during the year-end events in April 2011.

For the Interior and Product Design department projects were designed relative to the use of public spaces, a topic always dear to Michelucci, spaces of integration and interaction with the city. Man and nature are the key elements used by the great architect as inspiration to transform and model material into architecture.

The Graphic design works center on the nature theme, as a process of continual transformation for the elements of the city that must be molded, modified and finally, inhabited.
The computer renderings done in some of the panels with Cinema 4D demonstrate the strong attachment of Michelucci to Tuscany, to Giotto, to Florence, to the use of stone and iron in his architectural projects.

The Photography department participates with the projection of photos detailing important works done by the great master.

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