Coronavirus - update

Coronavirus - update




Coronavirus - update



To all students, instructors and staff of the Accademia Italiana in Florence and in Rome


I am writing to update you on the latest developments regarding the current situation (national coronavirus emergency and resulting restrictions that have been extended to all regions of Italy).


The Accademia Italiana, as directed in the latest government decree, will suspend lessons in the classroom until April 3.


We will keep you updated regarding any further decisions made in the next days according to any new national or local regulations.


In order to face these latest academic needs, the Accademia Italiana will initiate on-line learning – details will be sent to all over the next few days.


For this reason we invite you all to check your e-mail regularly in order to be constantly updated and ready to continue with the study programs as soon as possible.


We are all trying to do our part respecting the dictates of the Italian Government in the hopes of overcoming, in the shortest time possible, this emergency phase.


I would like to take this opportunity to send you my best regards.
Dr. Vincenzo Giubba
President, Accademia Italiana

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