From design to photography, from fashion to graphics: some of the interdisciplinary projects that are planned for the new academ

some of the interdisciplinary projects that are planned for the new academic year that will involve students and professors from the various courses

From design to photography, from fashion to graphics

With the start of the new academic year at the schools in Rome and in Florence, activities involving the professors and students are also under way.


These projects and workshops will be focusing on research and design proposals. A single or multidisciplinary approach will be employed depending on the object of the research focus.

Interior design and graphic design or jewellery design and product design, with each discipline finding links that are at times unforeseen and often unknown between them but having their own precise interpretations of project methodology, use and technology of materials, as well as economic costs of production and distribution.
In addition, the students will also be involved in identifying possible professional openings in these ventures.

These projects are based on the idea of 'communicating channels', where academic knowledge is not isolated or confined to a specific discipline, but above all, to the fact that knowledge can be structured in such a way so that it can be ‘contaminated' by other disciplines as well as by the external world. It is precisely due to the influence of this external world, outside of academics, that we are able to have these exchanges on concrete proposals that can unite academic knowledge to industry and market economies.

Already discussions were underway soon after the start of the new academic semester regarding the activities that will be proposed to the public by the fashion, design, photography and graphic departments through projects that will be elaborated in the various courses and executed at an interdisciplinary level.

In the initial meetings that involved all the departments of the Accademia Italiana, the events concluding the end of the academic year were confirmed to be the moment of comparison, verification and communication to the outside world, of the feasibility of the ideas and the projects proposed during the year by the professors and the students.

Besides the events, that each year in the month of April, are proposed by the Accademia Italiana in Florence, and that have now become an international occasion for the dissemination of design ideas; in 2013 special events organised by the Accademia Italiana in Rome will be hosted in prestigious locations of the capital where collections designed by the students from the fashion design and costume design departments will be shown to the public. Also in relation to these events, a series of photography, graphic and design exhibitions will be organised and reproduced in a magazine that the Accademia Italiana will be producing next spring.

In November, a series of lectures and workshops by famous designers and design companies have been organised for the students in Florence.

Other activities are also brewing: initiatives involving cooperation with important television channels, exchange programs with important international universities, specialised summer courses...and much, much more in the near future!

The slogan that the Accademia Italiana has taken for this year "give space to ideas" aptly interprets the spirit of initiative that is the basis of design.

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