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In the rome and Florence Schools

Off with the Summer Courses

Finished the exams but not the lessons. Occupying the desks are the new Italian and foreign students arrived in Florence with the desire to combine learning with the cultural desire to visit Florence and Rome, the two cities that respectively host the two schools of the Accademia Italiana.

The Figure Drawing course is held in June and in July in the two schools in Rome and in Florence: 40 hours monthly lessons. The course deals with the study of the human figure with its relative movements and positions. The intensive Fashion Design course: in Rome and in Florence consists of 90 hours monthly lessons. Fundamental subjects for the fashion designer are studied: Figure Drawing, Colour Techniques and Collection Theory. There is also a basic level short course in Design, in the month of July, for a total of 40 hours of lessons both in the Rome and in the Florence school. Another course is that of Italian Product Design: 6 weeks (approximately 72 hours of lessons) from the second week of June to the third week in July offered only at the school in Florence.
The course deals with the History and Theory of Product Design, with practical exercises. The themes dealt with are linked to industrial product designs produced on a large scale or to artisan and semi-artisan product designs (unique pieces or small series of exclusive products). Particular attention is given to furniture design and design of accessories. The course is directed exclusively to design students that have already a knowledge of technical design and it is taught in English. Photography is offered only in the month of July in the Florence school for a total of 40 hours of lessons. The course is directed to learners and is finalised to the learning of basic techniques relative to the use of the photo camera. Lessons on analysis and realisation of photographic images: choice of subject, composition, lighting and introduction to black and white developing and printing techniques. The course includes various aspects of photography: portraits, persons, urban landscapes. An integral component of the course will be the use of the dark room. To participate on the course it is necessary to have a digital photo camera. The Photographing Florence course is different: it last 6 weeks, from the second week in June to the third week in July, only at the Florence school and regards mainly outdoor photography. The course is held in English. Each student will try to capture “the soul” of the city through the architectural images, squares, side streets or portraits of common people. A professional photographer, professor of the academic courses at the School, guides the course that is articulated in 40 hours of lessons. To participate on the course it is necessary to possess a digital photo camera. Lastly, Drawing and Painting: is held in the months of June, July and August. The principal subjects dealt with are Life Drawing and Painting Techniques. The courses are 40 or 80 lesson hours per month. Lof

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