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A few comments from famous names, guests of our Institute

About the Accademia Italiana


Press and media help professional growth

"It is very important that young designers be supported and encouraged by those who have experience, and that is why I'm here this evening. The press and the media can certainly help their professional growth, and for this reason we have created a site with a channel specially dedicated to young people".

Franca Sozzani, Director of Vogue Italia and Goodwill Ambassador of Fashion 4 Development

(during year-end fashion show, April 2013)


Student's creativity

“Every time I come into contact with the creativity of the students of Accademia Italiana is an amazing experience”.

Gianni Quaranta, internationally famous and Oscar awarded set designer

(nominated Honorary President of the Accademia Italiana in July 2012)

You were really excellent! Continue to follow your dreams

"You were really excellent, you should never lose faith in yourselves. Continue to follow your dreams so that one day they can transform into reality".

Brunello Cucinelli, Entrepreneur and Designer

(during year-end fashion show, April 2013)


Remarkable educational programs

“I have great admiration for the Accademia Italiana and the remarkable educational programs it offers to its students and the fine designers it has been able to develop over the years”.

Evelyn Haim Swarovsky, Jewelry and Product designer

(during year-end fashion show, April 2011)

A wonderful fashion show

"This evening I saw a wonderful fashion show; I liked some of the outfits so much that I'd like to have them for myself".

Guillermo Mariotto, Fashion Designer, Maison Gattinoni

(during year-end fashion show, April 2013)

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