• MASTER IN FASHION AS ART Accademia Italiana
  • MASTER IN FASHION AS ART Accademia Italiana
  • MASTER IN FASHION AS ART Accademia Italiana

One-year master in fashion Design


The Master in Fashion as Art program offers a year of study culminating in a degree from the institute.
The main objective of this Master program is to provide specialized training to help students acquire new skills and expand their professional backgrounds. Participation in the fashion show completes the course of study.
Students will learn to create fashion collections, from the design to the construction to the final tailoring of their garments.

The expanding of artistic knowledge and the evaluation of those signals that indicate a new trend in an artistic, cultural or social environment are of great use to the designer who can translate these data into fashion design proposals.
Today, art has exceeded its traditional boundaries to occupy new territories including that of fashion.

Based on the conviction that clothing can be an artistic fact, the Accademia Italiana of Florence (Italy) proposes this one-year Fashion Design master course with the aim of potentializing the design capabilities and the professionality of those students who have already acquired the necessary basic techniques.

The training process involves contact with fashion designers and industries, the study of the strategies linked to visual communication and to the use of media, the design and production of clothing and of accessories. 
Fashion is intended as a global system where the various areas of interest inter-react and where the fashion designer-creator becomes a key figure endowed with ample flexibility as well as specific competencies.


Course objectives

Analysis of trends necessary for the design of the collection;
Graphic and visual communication of the collection’s theme;
Development of the concept for the fashion show;
Sewing and tailoring of garments and accessories design;
Displaying collection in the fashion show;
Preparation of final portfolio.



The enrolment fee is 2.100 Euro.
The tuition fee is 9.900 Euro (payable in two instalments of Euros 5.400 each).

Educational path

Fashion Trends
Clothing Design
Clothing Laboratory
Knitwear Design
Psychology of Fashion
Great Names in Fashion
Portfolio Preparation

Admission procedures

Documents required to apply for enrollment in the Master program include:

• completed application form;
• signed copy of school regulations;
• photocopy of passport or identification card;
• photocopy of fiscal code (if in student's possession);
• two passport-sized photos;
• copy of previously earned academic diplomas officially translated into Italian or in English;
• photocopy of university exams or courses taken and corresponding grades (transcripts);
• portfolio of works (on paper or in electronic format) that demonstrate the student’s technical and artistic ability. Please note that the materials will not be returned.


An internal commission will evaluate the documents sent. The success of the application will be communicated to the student within 5 working days. If the student is admitted to the program, the enrolment will be finalized after receipt of the enrollment fee.


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