Master in Luxury Marketing & Brand Management

Master in Luxury Marketing & Brand Management

Luxury does not mean expensive and expensive does not necessarily mean luxury. This course highlights the importance of understanding the concept of Luxury intended, first and foremost, as a personal experience. The concept of Luxury (Luxury Goods) can be associated to a large range of products, services or environments; while designing Luxury goods and knowing how to communicate this quality is a very complex subject that takes into account a wide range of competences and knowledge that this course proposes to furnish.


Course objectives

During the course various scenarios will be explored, from Luxury Goods to Real Estate, Yacht design and management, Luxury foods as well as the importance of the marketing and high profile brand communication.
In this way the student will acquire a design methodology that allows for the design and communication of products that aspire to be included in the luxury market.
Upon completion of the master in Luxury Marketing & Brand Management the student will be able to work freely within the field of luxury goods, able to undertake various kinds of professional activities autonomously, within the small to medium sized or even the large industries.



The enrolment fee is 2.100 Euro.
The tuition fee is 9.900 Euro (payable in two instalments of Euros 5.400 each).

Educational path

A graduate of the course in Luxury Marketing & Brand Management must:
  • Understand and be able to communicate the concept of luxury;
  • Know how to design luxury goods and services;
  • Understand and interpret the various cultural and artistic trends of the modern contemporary society;
  • Possess technological competence in order to manage complex projects in the field of Marketing and Management;
  • Demonstrate competence in at least one official language of the European Union in addition to the Italian language.

Admission procedures

Documents required to apply for enrollment in the Master program include:

• completed application form;
• signed copy of school regulations;
• photocopy of passport or identification card;
• photocopy of fiscal code (if in student's possession);
• one passport-sized photograph;
• copy of previously earned academic diplomas officially translated into Italian or in English;
• photocopy of university exams or courses taken and corresponding grades (transcripts);
• portfolio of works (on paper or in electronic format) that demonstrate the student’s technical and artistic ability. Please note that the materials will not be returned.


An internal commission will evaluate the documents sent. The success of the application will be communicated to the student within 5 working days. If the student is admitted to the program, the enrolment will be finalized after receipt of the enrollment fee.


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