Credits: Andrea Verzellesi

Undergraduate course


The three-year undergraduate program in Multimedia Design aims to form professionals in the field of digital design and communications capable of proposing innovative solutions through advanced technologies and artistic languages.

Students will be actively involved in all the design aspects of the communication and digital projects, to the creation of the final product, basing themselves on real projects taken from company partners and utilising the knowledge acquired in subjects such as interaction design and technology

The course of study includes contaminations from the fields of contemporary art, new media art, communication disciplines, communication processes as well as digital and multimedia design for the purpose of creating new forms of expression that interact with the most advanced devices through web platforms, mobile applications, multimedia systems, games (gamification) and interactive applications, virtual and augmented reality and more.

At the end of the three years, the graduates will have acquired a high professional training in the field of communications and digital design, a broad project culture which, through a critical methodology, will permit them to innovate forms and expressive languages, professionally equipped to work in the vast field of digital communications, with a special attention to ethical issues.


Course objectives

  • Knowledge and understanding of the different fields of communication (advertising, corporate and brand identity, publishing, web design, multimedia graphics)
  • Understand the disciplines of graphic design, digital design and design graphics
  • Use and application of different software and specific techniques both in films and in interactive media (VR/AR/XR)
  • Marketing and management
  • Design and elaboration of communication initiatives
  • Develop auxiliary techniques such as mind mapping, card-sorting, brainstorming
  • Develop teamwork and project management skills
  • Construct efficient communication flows
  • Communication and presentation, journalism and copywriting
  • 3D design and animation
  • Creation of websites


Admission Requirements




National and EU Students

  • Admission exam fee: 150 Euro
  • Enrolment fee (1st year only): 1.300 Euro
  • Tuition fee (yearly*): 8.330 Euro
  • DSU regional tax (yearly): 140 Euro

International Extra-EU Students

  • Admission exam fee: 150 Euro
  • Enrolment fee (1st year only): 1.900 Euro
  • Tuition fee (yearly*): 8.930 Euro
  • DSU regional tax (yearly): 140 Euro

*Yearly tuition fees can be paid in two instalments with a small surcharge.

Educational path

First Year

  • Theory and Methods of Mass Media
  • Creative Writing
  • Advertising 
  • History of Contemporary Art
  • Aesthetics of New Media
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Research Methods in Visual Communications 
  • Sociology of Communications
  • English

Second Year

  • Digital Image Processing
  • Latest Trends in the Visual Arts
  • Art Direction
  • Techniques of Audio Visual Documentation
  • Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing
  • Multimedia Graphics
  • History of the Applied Arts
  • Digital Modelling Techniques – 3D Computer Graphics
  • Elective
  • Seminars/workshops/competitions

Third Year

  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Animation Techniques
  • Brand Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Elements of Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Elective
  • Final Project
  • Internship/professional orientation