GRAPHIC DESIGN course accademia italiana



The Graphic Design course offers 250 hours of study culminating in a professional certificate from the institute.
This course provides the basic skills and knowledge necessary for high-level professional work in visual, editorial and multimedia marketing. Students will apply concepts of graphics and design to all phases of designing and creating market-oriented graphic projects. During their course of study, they will learn the techniques needed to create 2-D and 3-D graphics for use in traditional editorial media such as magazines, brochures, coordinated images, packaging and in multimedia such as websites, video presentations ebooks and emagazines.

The specialization course in Graphic Design is for students interested in acquiring advanced training in this field, even without a background knowledge of the specific topics. The program is focused and innovative, integrating professional training in graphic design as it is understood traditionally (for example, typography techniques) with the use of digital systems to develop and manage design projects. The course will be built around such concepts as layout, the creation of graphics and illustrations and editing of images. The course takes into consideration the dynamics of communication and market to help students develop flexible skills to adapt to the frequent changes in an evolving field.

Course Outline

Among the most important skills of a professional Graphic Designer is hand-drawn illustration, which evolves and is developed using advanced digital instruments. The course also provides the skills required for creating and managing the corporate image of a brand, uniting theory and practice to create logos and graphics. The conceptual research involved in study of contemporary art history enriches and completes the experience, leading students to express their own creativity in an effective and contemporary way. During the course students will work on individual visual communication projects based on real issues, under the supervision of their instructors.


Course objectives

  • Develop a graphic design project independently.
  • Create all elements necessary to the project.
  • Prepare copy work for the printing phase of production.
  • Create a professional portfolio.
  • Use Adobe Creative Suite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).



  • Enrolment fee: 750 Euro
  • Tuition fee: 4.630 Euro (payable in two instalments of Euros 2.930 each)

Educational path

  • Graphic Planning
  • Elements of Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • History of Contemporary Art
  • Life Drawing
  • Photoshop

Admission procedures

There is no admissions exam.

Documents required to apply for enrollment include:

  • completed application form
  • signed copy of school regulations
  • photocopy of passport or identification card
  • photocopy of fiscal code (if in student's possession)
  • receipt for the enrollment fee


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